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About Mukuru Angaza Film Academy


A transformed generation of children and youths from the slum community with influence in media and all critical spheres in the world


To become a catalyst that offers a place for children and youths from the slum community to tell their own stories to the world through film.


Through, skills development, exposure and networking; we equip children and youths from the Mukuru slums with 12-month hands on training using film as a training tool.

Through the process of developing a story to film, we incorporate various aspects of learning on topics that will benefit the learners in life like communication, reading and writing, budgeting among others. This is to empower them to become creative and critical thinkers.  

For each training course, we expect the children and youths to come up with a creative and high-quality short movie in which they tell their own story.

This will give them hope, confidence and connect them with mentors and role models who shall inspire them to live a positive life and dare to dream.


 What we do

Mukuru Angaza Film Academy was started in 2018. Angaza which means shine aims to build a bridge between slum and the mainstream. We work closely with Kanthari  (www.kanthari.org) a leadership training institute in India in realizing our goal in the Mukuru slums.

Mukuru Slums is the 3rd largest informal settlement located in the Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. It has a population of over 700 000 people majority of whom are children and youths.

Most of these children and youths are not going to school not only due to poverty and inaccessible education facilities in the area. But also because of lack of positive role models and mentors.

We work with youths from age 12 and above who have had no chance to go to school, school drop outs and street children. Some may have parents or guardians while others are orphaned.

We offer a 12-month program that uses film as a creative tool to bring out talents, instill confidence and get new ideas. We enable the children and youths to think beyond their present circumstance and question their boundaries.

Through this, we hope to change the story of the Mukuru slums which has been viewed a dumpsite and children and youths viewed as hopeless and desolate. With this we bring Angaza and have a generation that can tell their own story and define their own future.



Name: Gikufu Francis

Country/Region: Kenya/Nairobi

Name of social venture: Mukuru Angaza Film Academy

Growing up in the Mukuru Slums, I know how difficult it is for children to break the cycle of poverty and drug abuse. Like many, I struggled to be educated, not due to lack of funding. Most have no mentors who could bridge the gap between Mukuru and the world. Through Mukuru Angaza Film Academy, I want to be a mentor for children like me.


What can your donation do?
Below are details of what your donation can provide:

  • Scholarship for a beneficiary
  • Provide stationeries for the training
  • Equipment including cameras, desktops, laptop, lighting and sound
  • Paying salaries for the facilitators
  • Provide food and basic needs for the beneficiaries


PAYBILL – 972900
ACCOUNT – 03086060002



Do you have a desire to work with children and youth from the margins of society?

Do you want to be inspired, challenged and entertained by the creativity, talent and richness of a community that has been overlooked for so long?

Do you want to spend your time, resources, talents and passion to a great use? Meet inspirational young people who are survivors? Then Mukuru Angaza Film Academy is a place for you.

You will be able to build up a relationship with highly interesting and charismatic people who have overcome adversity and have the guts to create a mindset change in their surrounding

Volunteering can be done in different ways:

  • By joining the Mukuru Angaza mentorship team
  • By joining the skills development program and support in film production aspects
  • By subscribing to the Mukuru Angaza online channel to promote the short films produced by the children and youths in the program.
  • By speaking against discrimination of the slum residence, changing the negative mindset that the mainstream society have regarding the slum community.

Basic requirements to be a volunteer:

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Good verbal and written English skills
  • Positive attitude
  • High level of motivation
  • High level of ownership, taking initiatives and self-management


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Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Nairobi, Kenya



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