What we do

(AWARENESS) First Stage: RED means STOP!

Our participants and the slum community are at a state of stand still. Nothing seems to move, as if there are barriers that stop any progress.
The color red represents the danger that surrounds the life of children, youths and the society. There are limited options that makes it difficult for our beneficiaries to break the cycle of poverty.

To create solid courses with tangible outcomes and outputs, we need to prepare our trainings well through:

  1. Community involvement
  2. Networking with film academies and media experts and
  3. advertising for finding the right candidates.

(MENTORSHIP) Second stage – Orange means ready!

Orange phase stands for getting ready and prepared for greater actions.
In this phase, we will select the right candidates for the academy by a preparatory screening workshop which will include:

  1. General awareness
  2. Testing of Basic skills
  3. Choosing their passions and talents

The phase will take 3 months to prepare the students for the next stage. In this phase we will evaluate the commitment and team abilities of the students. The workshops offered will be aimed to change the mindset of the participants and open them up to a new world of possibilities. During this time, we will create a desire and stir up their self believe and value each participant and challenge them to dream big.
Additionally, we will conduct guidance and counselling, Team building activities, Debates and discussion workshop with participants on various Human-interest topics affecting society

We start with:
– communication training (Verbal and non-verbal),
– personal hygiene,
– personal development,
– consequences of Drug, alcohol and Substance abuse
– Etiquette
– Story telling

This part of the journey will be helpful to identify the active children and youths who will be ready for the next stage of skills development the Film making process.

(SKILLS DEVELOPMENT) Third stage – Green means Action

Green stands for action. With a few 8 to 10 participants we will now go into filming. For this we divide the group into talent and interest specific groups.
Here the participants will select a story and we will walk through the process of developing it into a movie. Each will be involved and take up roles. This will give them the practical expertise and know-how and will learn the entire process of film creation. This ranging from pre-production stage where they prepare the entire build up and set to production and post production. The end of this exercise will be creation of a high-quality professional film that will be exhibited in a film festival.