Our Beneficiaries

Nairobi hosts about 200 slum settlements and Mukuru Slum is the 3rd largest. The slum hosts about 600,000 people, out of which 80% are children and youths. Like any slum, Mukuru residents suffers from poor housing and sanitation. Illiteracy rate is high as well as the unemployment. Youths lack skills and are often exposed to discrimination and stigmatization from the society. Besides video shops, bars and pool tables there are no recreation facilities coupled with lack of positive role models, leads most of the children and youths to become vulnerable to negative influences like alcohol, drug and substance abuse and majority finding it hard to beat the vicious cycle of poverty.

Mukuru Angaza Film Academy targets children and youths from the age of 12 to 25 years. These group shall comprise of both male and female, who have come from low social and economic backgrounds. We will consider those who have no access to education and/ or have dropped out of school.

Happy smiling image of Amani, beneficiary of Mukuru Angaza

Amani, 12-year-old boy

“You are useless!” These are the words that sting into Amani’s ears almost on a daily basis since he was 7 years old. Click on the picture to read more...