kanthari Talks 2018 at St. John’s Auditorium Bangalore, India

Founder of Mukuru Angaza talking at kanthari talks in bangalore

The Founder of Mukuru Angaza Film Academy, Mr. Francis Gikufu joined 22 other participants from 13 different countries around the world to share his vision on social change.
The event hosted by kanthari, an institute for social change located in Trivandrum, Kerala, South of India, offers a 7-month, scholarship-based leadership program for visionaries who have overcome adversity and who are keen to drive ethical social change anywhere in the world.

The founder shared his journey that led to establishment of the organization. Through Mukuru Angaza Film Academy, He targets children and youth who have no access to education, school drop outs as well as the street children.
By use of film as a training tool and alternative learning approach, the participants will undergo a 12-month intensive training. The aim is to spark their mind to think beyond their present realities and to challenge them to dream.
We will address various areas such as creative thinking, team work, planning and logistics as well as project management.  The children and youth shall also learn English, reading, writing, calculations as well as communication skills. 

After going through the one-year program, the participants will tell their own stories using films as a medium. Each of their stories shall be an assertion of hope and transformation. For, seeing their work, the mainstream society shall embrace them and change from how they previously viewed the slums. We will have a generation of positive peer role models.  The event was the 10th edition of kanthari talks and further details are available on the website at www.kanthari,org

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