Camera Donation to Mukuru Angaza Film Academy

Mukuru Angaza founder Gikufu holding camera with smiling face after receiving the camera as donation
Founder of Mukuru Angaza with Madam Sunitha Vardhan who donated camera

The organization received a surprise for the year when the founder was contacted by Madam Sunitha Vardhan, who is an Artist and a photographer from Bangalore, India.
Having attended the kanthari talks 2018 and listened to the journey that Mukuru Angaza Film Academy’s founder, Mr. Gikufu took to start the project, she gave a donation of a DSLR camera, lenses, Memory cards as well headset. This was a major boost to the project as we would be able to run the pilot project scheduled for the January 2019. And it being one of the main tools of operation, we were happy to receive it and were glad to establish a friendship that would go along way to helping in reaching out to the vision of the organization. We look forward to network more with people around the world to help in realizing this dream of making the slum shine and seeing the life of children and youths transformed through giving them a chance to tell their own stories to the world.

Thanks Madam Sunitha Vardhan, Madam Rekha Nair, Madam Dolly S Koshy and Madam Pearl Pathaki for the great inspiration and support that you gave and we look forward to working together.

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