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A transformed generation of children and youths from the slum community with influence in media and all critical spheres in the world


To become a catalyst that offers a pace for children and youths from the slum community to tell their own stories to the world through film.


Through, skills development, exposure and networking; we equip children and youths from the Mukuru slums with 12-month hands on training using film as a training tool.


about us.

Mukuru Angaza Film Academy was started in 2018. Angaza which means shine aims to build a bridge between the slum community and the mainstream society.
Mukuru Slum is the third largest informal settlement located in the Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. It has a population of over 600 000 people, majority of whom are children and youths.Most of youths are not going to school. Not just due to poverty and inaccessible education facilities in the area, but also because of lack of positive role models and mentors. We work with children and youths from the age of 12 to 25 who have had no chance to go to school, school dropouts and the street children. Some may have parents or guardians, while others are orphaned. 

We offer a 12 months residential program that uses film as a creative tool to bring out talents, instill confidence and get new ideas. We enable children and youths to think beyond their present circumstance and question their future.  Through this, we hope to change the story of Mukuru slum which has been viewed as a dumpsite, where children and youths’ inhabitants are viewed as hopeless and desolate. Mukuru Angaza Film Academy will bring “Angaza” and have a generation that can tell their own stories and define their own future.  


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Image of Gikufu, Founder/CEO of Mukuru Angaza Film Academy
Francis Gikufu

Founder & CEO


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